I'm sorry, we're all out of cake.

Our wannabe Kings and Assassin depart from Restov, with a writ from the Swordlords granting them permission to found a new nation on a small stretch of land, and the authority to kill any brigands or other unlawful elements along the way. This last bit will be very relevant in the times to come.

Giving introductions, the party consists of Martin, an ex-brigand who was given the choice of death or helping to eliminate other brigands. Remy, an escaped Halfling slave-turned-freedom-fighter. Al, a strange looking archaeologist sent along to catalogue the various oddities found in the Green Belt. Edward, the adoptive son of Swordlord Melchior, who thought it best if Edward disappeared for a bit after bedding a fellow classmate of the Aldoir Academy and then insulting another of her suitors who happened to be the first son of a local Margravine. And Somni, a fledgling mage who took up the expedition in order to gain a bit of life experience.

After clearing up a slight misunderstanding the group decides to help out Oleg and his wife Svetlana with a local bandit group who comes every month for “taxes.”

  • Taking advantage of superior tactics and the element of surprise the party mops up the bandits before they even know what is happening.
  • The party interrogates and executes all the bandits and decides the best course of action is to head back to their camp to deal with the rest of their band.
  • The leader of the bandits tells the party about not only his small camp, but that they are part of a larger bandit organization that pledges their loyalty to someone called the “Stag Lord.”

After 2 days ride skirting the forest the party arrives at the location of the bandit camp around midday and spends the afternoon scouting the surrounding area and decides to attack at dusk.

  • Though the leader of the bandits puts up a bit of resistance this group also goes down in short order, though none left alive are knowledgeable enough to provide any useful information during interrogations, and those not killed in the melee are executed.

With the immediate bandit threat neutralized the party decides to take this relatively calm period to explore the lands between the bandit camp and Oleg’s, and encounters a rather large Trapdoor Spider’s den nestled into a hill on the plains. They also find a large vein of gold a short distance away from Oleg’s.

On their final days of exploring and mapping the party chances upon a wild radish field with four Kobolds lying among them, bellies full of radish.

  • Being the only one that speaks the Kobolds native tongue Somny parleys with the leader of the small gathering party and manages to start the possible beginnings of an alliance, aided by Al’s suggestion of letting the Kobolds take all the short swords the party had gathered from the bandits to that point as a gift for their tribe.

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